General Purpose

Carpet Cleaner Machine

An formulated liquid designed as an aid to the removal of oil and grease from hard to clean spots on all types of Carpets.

Carpet Cleaner Machine Antifoam

Specially formulated for carpet extraction machines to prevent damage to the machines caused by excess foam build up.

Carpet Spotter

Carpet Spotter is an amber coloured emulsifier liquid designed as an aid to the removal of oil and grease from carpet including other cloth e.g.: workers overalls etc.

Floor Stripper/Poly layer on timber floors

A low-odour, fast-acting and low foaming formula is an effective stripper on all hard/resilient floor types. Ideal for locations where odours would disrupt normal schedules.

PFB Mop & Shine

A Concentrated Liquid For Removing Stubborn Stains From Polished Floors And For Restoring Gloss.

Polished Floor Cleaner

A cleaner designed for the safe removal of organic soils e.g. Animal fats and vegetable oils for a foaming cleaning of polished floor surfaces.

Gym Floor Cleaning Machine

A water soluble degreaser for general cleaning, floor polish stripping, cleaning walls, floors (including concrete) vinyl etc. engine and engine bays and pressure washing machines.

General Disinfectant Lemon

A premium disinfectant with a unique refreshing fragrance. Contains surface acting compounds that cleans & deodorises. Leaves surfaces hygienically clean and streak free.

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