Machine Glass Washing cleaner

A high performance liquid detergent specially formulated for cleaning GLASS removes all deposits fat, food, lipstick soils. Leaves glasses clean and bright, free from streaks.

Machine DW Powder Home/Rest.

Represents latest technology to ensure outstanding cleaning of dishes, glasses and cutlery. Minimises and controls unwanted machines scale build-up and staining.

Machine DW Powder Home/Rest. Conc.

A concentrated powdered chlorinated cleaner for machine dish washers. Is stabilised chlorine content locked into companion detergent components until dissolved in water.

Kitchen Surface Sanitiser

Formulated to provide germ free reliability. Indicated for use in food processing areas where it is imperative that bacterial counts are reduced to an absolute minimum.

Kitchen Creme Cleanser

A powerful cleaning product you can rely on because it removes the most difficult dirt while taking care of your surfaces.

Bleach 6%

Liquid Chlorine Bleach with 6% concentration.

Bleach 12%

Liquid Chlorine Bleach with 12% concentration.

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